Friday, January 12, 2007

What Works, 1/12/07

24 minutes of research, not writing

I was unable to work on the SS and Tech paper today because I received the What Works paper that needs immediate revision (due 2/1). I began making changes on the hard copy yesterday and wanted to begin transferring those to the e-copy today. Unfortunately, I realized I didn't have the manuscript that went to the reviewers. I contacted Cathy who sent me the original so I can begin tomorrow.

I used my time today to make hard copy changes (mainly trying to find synonyms for the word "access"). I also spent a great amount of time finding a citation showing the increase in numbers of students with LEP. I found a source, but am not pleased with it.

Tomorrow I will begin making the e-copy changes. I also need to email the co-authors to see if any of them know of a reference for the LEP comment.

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