Tuesday, April 3, 2007

SIG-IT Bio and NSC Application, 04/03/07

75 minutes of non-publishable writing

I am estimating on the timing because my SDS Time application is not working very effectively - something I'll need to work on next week (or later).

Today I worked on two non-publishable items.

First, I decided to apply for a national board position on AERA's SIG-IT Governing Board. Today was the last day to apply and I figured I had nothing to lose. All that was required was a 150 word biography. I prepared my biography and sent it off to the president of the SIG, Bill Kealy. He emailed me back within an hour and told me my nomination was accepted and that I would have an option of the secretary-treasurer or webmaster positions. I stated that I would be open to fill whichever position is most needed by the Board and he, again quickly, returned my email and stated he feels the webmaster position is most crucial at this point. I am very excited about the possibility of serving in AERA!

Second, I continued to work on the NSC cover letter. Dr. Grubaugh provided some useful comments on my previous draft and I added in the changes he recommended. His main concern was my lack of mention of my grant involvement. This is an area I will need to be sure to address on my vita. When finished with the edits, I sent in my application materials and am now officially in the application pool.

I'm very concerned that my recent writings have not been leading to publishable papers. I still have to prepare a poster for AERA next week and work on departmental service responsibilities so will have little time later this week to write. I'm depending on finding some time at AERA next week to write. I think I should schedule an hour a day next week for this process. I need to get the following works under review:
  • SS ad Tech
  • 21st Century Social Studies
  • Tech Integration in Social Studies Methods
Each of these simply requires time, not much additional research. If I complete these, I will be able to dedicate my time upon returning to the NECC paper.

I also hope to work with Mark Horney next week to progress on the SPED Law paper. I would like him to accept first authorship and complete the article.

P.S. I did not meet with my writing circle this week because it is Spring Break in CCSD and I was with the boys. I will also miss next week because of AERA. I hope I will have plenty for them to review upon my return.

Monday, April 2, 2007

NSC Application, 04/01/07

120 minutes of non-publishable writing

I prepared the first draft of a cover letter for an application to Nevada State College. The letter includes sections from previously written cover letters as well as some new writing.

I must get this out within the next few days because I need to be preparing for AERA's poster session.

During AERA next week, I hope to revisit the SS and Tech paper and perhaps work on the 21st century social studies paper. The latter is probably due soon.