Monday, May 5, 2008

Tech Integration in Methods, 4/23/08

84 minutes of writing

I continued editing the Tech Integration in Methods paper for JCTE. They've requested my updated manuscript be delivered no later than June 1, 2008.

I was able to focus on the slightly more complicated issues addressed by the reviewers. Some comments required additional clarification and one set of comments (addressed by all reviewers) would require an entire new focus to the paper. I emailed the editor about these changes. First, I requested clarification so am now ready to fix on the the areas of recommended change. Second, I requested the opportunity to retain the present focus of the paper. The reviewers requested an earlier mention of social studies and greater literature review relating to social studies. My desire was to make this paper a general tech integration in methods paper, and I have another paper (the one delivered at NCSS in 2006) that will focus just on social studies. I made the argument that focusing on social studies requires much more detail and that the concepts addressed in the current paper are cross-disciplinary. The editorial team accepted my recommendation to retain the general focus for the paper. Now, I have a lot of work to give the paper a much clearer cross-curricular focus from the beginning. That's my next task: finding examples from science and language arts standards relating to tech integration and finding literature in math, science, and language arts, and social studies that supports integrating technology into methods instruction. That's quite a task I have in front of me!

Tech Integration in Methods, 4/22/08

141 minutes of writing

I received confirmation that this paper was conditionally accepted by JCTE and was provided with a list of items to address. In preparation for starting the process, I re-read the paper today and made my own editorial changes (mostly wordsmithing). Then, I began focusing on the reviewers comments and started editing the paper based on these. Most of the editorial remarks I addressed today were minor, requiring only small word changes.