Thursday, March 15, 2007

SS and Tech, 3/15/07

12 minutes of writing

I know... this is a pathetic amount of time after such a long period of not writing. It's Spring Break and I'm trying to relax a bit in preparation for the remainder of the school year. I am also trying to keep up on grading this semester by returning papers to students within a week of their due dates.

My writing today consisted of reviewing the conclusion to the SS and Tech paper based on recommendations from the last writing circle meeting. I believe the only remaining changes in the paper are on the table. The table will need substantial work if I am to align it with the Moersch framework. This will be my next step.

Despite my lack of writing, I have spent time researching. I sent in the AERA paper and spent time in preparation for the NECC paper. I'm needing to learn much more on action research and begin to collect data from the previous SSM courses and student comments (audio and written). I think the paper has a lot of potential, but it is still in its conception stage. I need to really begin focusing on the paper.

I've also considered the possibility of writing up the paper from the CUE conference -- 21st century social studies. That might be a good practitioner piece for the Journal of Curriculum and Instruction's summer social studies issue. And, best of all, it probably wouldn't take too long to write. One major thing I need to do to make that into a possible paper is re-record the presentation. The CUE audio is extremely poor and I've not learned the audio enhancing skills to remove all the white noise. It will probably take less time to re-record it.