Tuesday, March 27, 2007

DEN Application, 03/27/07

75 minutes of writing

I completed editing my DEN application and emailed it off. I'm not very confident I will be selected for participation because I spoke with Jannita last night who stated that the Bahama's institute will focus on previous institute participants. I wish I were available to apply for the other institutes!

I would like to revise my RQ to include more technology components, or to explicit state they will be considered as part of the research project. The new working RQ is: "Beyond intended content, what pedagogical and technological skills do teachers gain during residential insitutes."

DEN Application, 03/26/07

15 minutes of writing

I spent time editing my DEN application before my research writing circle met. The members of the writing circle agree that this type of writing should count toward "writing" because the goal is to increase my writing time and skills. I'm not sure I agree. I believe my writing time should be focused on writing for publication. My goal, ultimately, is to increase my peer-reviewed publications.

DEN Application, 03/25/07

75 minutes of writing (pseudo)

I began preparing my application for the Discovery Education Network summer institute. I hope to be accepted because I would like to use this experience to collect research data to officially begin addressing the RQ: "Beyond intended content, what pedagogy knowledge do teachers gain when participating in residential institutes?"

I question whether this type of writing (basically a proposal rather than writing for publication) should count toward "writing" in my blog and with my research writing circle.