Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tech in SS with Eric, 1/16/07

15 minutes of writing

Classes started today so I did not write until right before going to sleep. I was very eager to skip today's session, especially since it was so late, but remembered my committment to my blog, my writing circle colleagues, and myself.

Though I wanted to work on the What Works chapter, I did not have the reviewers comments. So, instead I worked on SS and Tech. I also did not have the LoTi framework descriptions so was unable to write that section.

Eric emailed me a new conclusion so I added this into the text. I haven't spent any time writing it. I also worked on the transition between the new Moersch section and the set-up for the three sections. To address the concern of one reviewer, I explained a reason for having an extended "Starting Out Easy" section, but I'd like to re-visit this. It would be nice to find research to support my assertion that it is harder to start out than to work once you're on a roll with technology.

I gave some thought to the table (per comments by my reviewers at the Tara Grey presentation and reviewers suggestions on What Works). I'm curious if the the table might be better if broken into three sections and placing each section as a sidebar next to the corresponding text sections.

Though I will need to return to What Works tomorrow, when I return to this paper I would like to continue work on the Moersch section. I'd like to complete a first draft so I can start editing it before writing circle next Monday.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

What Works, 1/14/07

51 minutes of research, not writing

Again, I did not make any progress on my writing. This was because I still lck the reviewed manuscript (the one sent by the editor included our editorial remarks). I've requested the clean e-copy so I can begin the actual writing process.

I'm continuing to work on editing the "What Works" chapter per the reviewers suggestions, albeit in writing and email format. Today, I focused on communicating with the co-authors about the reviewers suggestions. I asked them how I should respond to certain comments (e.g., finding a better LEP citation than the one's I've been able to find, and how we should deal with their requests for screen shots for sections that are more visionary than reality-based). I also request some of the co-authors begin preparing the screen shots requested by the reviewers.

I hope to have the e-copy by tomorrow so I can start to truly make the editorial changes. I want to have this chapter done within the week so I can return to the SS and Tech paper. Of course, I'm at the mercy of the editor and my co-authors to ensure this happens.