Friday, January 11, 2008

SITE Lit Review and Tech Advocacy for SS, 1/11/08

36 minutes of writing

Tara Gray has continued to support me in my writing by emailing and/or calling on a daily basis to encourage my daily writing. Her persistence is exactly what I'm needing. She's agreed to continue mentoring me until I begin with Academic Ladder next week.

Here is the progress I made today:
I realized I'm really working on 3 manuscripts right now. On one (the Wikipedia article), I'm the third/fourth author so it only takes editing time. But, since the IRB protocol is due next week, this article is taking a few hours a week now. On another (the SITE article), I'm lead author and need to get my team working ASAP on data collection. I reworked the SITE proposal today and identified next steps for the literature review (which is, in fact, the methodology since the paper is a lit review). So far, I have nothing to write on that paper, but will hopefully have something to write soon. I also worked on editing a paper I think may work for the invited manuscript I need to propose by 2/1 for the EDge (Advocacy for Technology in Social Studies). And, I emailed the editor regarding that manuscript to get her recommendations on which of my articles might best fit the journal's directions.

So, though the computer doesn't look any different (except in my Outbox), I have lots of written notes on drafts of manuscripts.