Saturday, January 5, 2008

This is a Public School?, 1/5/08

72 minutes of writing

After a long break from writing (read… after ignoring writing by making it the last priority on my work list), I read in the TAA newsletter that experienced authors were willing to serve as mentors to struggling authors like me. I also noticed that Tara Grey’s name was on the list. It was Tara who inspired the creation of this blog during her one-day seminar at UNLV titled “Becoming a Prolific Scholar.” I immediately emailed Tara to inquire if she might be willing to be my mentor, and she responded with “Are you up for writing tomorrow?” No, I wasn’t up to writing, but the challenge was enough to get me started.

Today, I began writing an article intended for the Kappan. The article is an introduction to Garehime’s microcommunity. I would like it to be the basic introduction to the community, from which I hope to write several spin-off articles. This article is the overview. Some possible spin-offs might include:
  • “Being an Instructional Leader” for Educational Leadership (with James Crawford?)
  • Something about service learning (with Jennifer Ponder?)
  • Focus on individual agencies/ventures for social studies journals
  • First year teachers in microcommunities for a teaching journal