Monday, October 27, 2008

Assessment Paper, 10/27/08

17 minutes of writing

Well... not really writing, just cleaning. I reviewed the manuscript to see what still needs completing. The only items still needing attention are the Brown and Richardson citation and page numbers for the articles Steve referenced. I called him and he promised me I would have the information tonight (except for one detail he's unable to locate which I said I would deal with). Also, per the editor's requirements, I created PICT files of the two graphics in the text. Finally, I reviewed and made minor changes to the submission letter.

Items still to do:
  • Add page numbers to citations
  • Cite the Brown and Richardson quotation
  • Add Steve's biographical information
  • List the word counts in the submission letter
  • Change "Keeler" to "Author" within the text
  • Save the file in RTF
  • Send it for review
While I await the final items from Steve, I will begin the IRB protocols for the service learning, digital storytelling, and first year teacher studies.