Monday, April 30, 2007

Tech Integration in Methods, 4/30/07

66 minutes of writing

First of all, I am very disappointed that I haven't written in two weeks (ever since AERA). Mike's been out of town a lot (as has Mom), I've not overworked myself because I needed a break after AERA, and the end of the semester is near. But... no excuses!

Today, I was able to spend a good hour writing. I started on the NECC paper in hopes that I can load a first draft before May 7. If I can finish the first draft and load it, my paper will be considered for the SIG-TE Research Paper Award. If not, final drafts need not be uploaded until June 15th.

I was pleased to see that much of the work I did on the NECC proposal was useful in the paper. I have a lot of data-finding and analysis to do, but many sections of the paper are already written. A concern noted by my research writing circle, however, is that the writing is very dry. John suggested I add some color, perhaps with a vignette. On Colleen's recommendation, I may use the quote about the lack of change in public school classrooms since the 1800s.

My next step on this paper is to begin collecting data. Therefore, I may not write for a few more days, but at least I'll be engaged with research.

I hope to finish this paper fairly soon so I can return to and finish the Tech in SSM and 21st C Social Studies papers and get them under review. After that, I want to paper research proposals/IRB materials for new research on residential institutes and micro-societies, work on Balloon Boy with BJ, finish all my online instructional design papers, and plan for a longitudinal repeat of my dissertation study.

I am sad to say that today was probably the last day my research writing circle will meet. We are planning to continue work over the summer using Google Docs and we will re-evaluate who is at UNLV and wishes to continue in the circle in the new school year. We cannot continue to meet face-to-face because of our schedules (plus, John will be in Turkey all summer).