Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is a Public School?, 2/16/10

15 minutes of writing

I again looked at the microcommunities manuscript, and, again, was concerned about the personal perspective. So, I sent it off to Vicki and Joel for their feedback. Both concurred; it's too much of the first-person perspective. They provided excellent feedback and suggestions for new directions.

I don't think de-personalizing the manuscript will be terribly difficult, but I'd prefer to finish with the assessment paper before continuing on this one.

This is a Public School?, 2/14/10

20 minutes of writing

I revisited the "This is a Public School?" paper and really like it a lot... But, it's so personal/first person perspective that I worry it might not appeal to a Kappan audience. I sent it to Char with a request for edits and she provided some great feedback (which I have yet to integrate into the paper).

Assessment Paper, 2/12/10

22 minutes of writing

I worked on editing the rest of the assessment paper and there were only small changes to make. Char provided me with editorial suggestions and I hope to hear Steve's recommended editorial remarks within the next few days.