Monday, March 10, 2008

Assessment Paper, 3/10/08

111 minutes of writing

I received Steve's first draft of the literature review for the assessment paper and spent time this morning re-working it. His citations were excellent and I believe we have enough to substantially support the paper. I made my recommended edits and returned it to Steve for his feedback and additional edits. Hopefully, we will complete the literature review in the next day or two, and we can situate it in the full paper this week. I would like to get this under review next week at the latest.

In Steve's literature review, he included several items I felt were not needed for the current paper, but might work well in a follow-up manuscript. We've discussed some other possibilities, but floored the conversations until this paper is complete. When this paper is under review, I would like to revisit the "extraneous" ideas appearing in his literature review to see how we could work them into a separate article.