Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tech Integration in Methods, 6/16/07

150 minutes of writing

I completed the first draft of the Tech Integration paper and now need to begin the editing process. I would like to complete a decent draft by tomorrow afternoon to upload to the NECC site. That will then give me time to get working on the Garehime Research proposal.

I also need to rework the ISTE SIG-TE Forum Survey this weekend.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tech Integration in Methods, 6/15/07

135 minutes of writing

Yes, this blog has experienced deep silence for several months. Note that the silence is not due to a lack of productivity, but it is due to very slow productivity. In addition to a slowed pace due to the end of the academic year, lots of travel, and the beginning of summer break for my wonderful boys, I have spent time writing for other venues (e.g., preparing applications for awards and summer institutes, writing for the Balloon Boy book) and have dedicated time to other parts of the research process. I also spent time proof editing the AJDE paper which should be out soon.

Today, I worked on the Tech Integration in Methods paper. Though it is not finished, I uploaded a first draft to the NECC website (papers were due today). I have two sections left to write, and plan to complete these tomorrow morning.

The paper will need a lot of editing. In fact, I know I want to re-write or add to the opening, but this is work that could be done when preparing the paper for publication.

I need to finish this paper so I can return to writing the research proposal for the Garehime study. As soon as that is finished, I need to begin the research proposal for the We the People study. And, finally, I have three articles to get under review (Social Studies Technology Ideas - it was rejected by Social Education - and the Assessment and Learning Styles papers).