Friday, February 29, 2008

SITE Lit Review, 2/25/08

54 minutes of writing

I worked on defining "strategy" and the theme terms for the SITE Literature Review today. I've been meeting regularly with Scott and Amy (co-authors) regarding the inter-rater reliability process and developing the database. I've also made significant progress on ensuring the empiricism of the study by reviewing the data with an excruciatingly detailed eye. I feel we finally can confidently state our numbers of the available articles and we are ready to move to the review stage. We found 60 articles, but I anticipate we will find between 1 and 30 strategies per article. That's going to be a lot of data! Unfortunately, to date I've not been successful with getting the database online. This process would be much simpler if we could more easily share our data (instead of having to cut/paste/convert to Excel), but at least this method allows me to control the data and ensure it is accurate before it appears in the database.

If there are any readers out there would can help me get a FileMaker Pro 5.0 database online (I've done it before and I'm not stuck at the TCP/IP stage), I'd appreciate any help... :-)

I also received confirmation today (I'm writing this on 2/29/08) that my NECC article from last year was conditionally accepted at JCTE. Woo-hoo! Time to get to work!