Monday, June 18, 2007

Tech Integration in Methods, 6/18/07

144 minutes of writing

I completed the first round of editing of the Tech Integration in Methods paper and re-uploaded it to the NECC website. Though I feel it still needs tightening and a strong, more enticing opening, I think it's quite a good start. Currently, it's 6,800+ words so the tightening is absolutely necessary. I think I may consider revising it after the NECC research paper round table and submit it for review at Journal of Computing in Teacher Education (though this would require a stronger research base) or Journal of Creative Teaching.

Now that this draft is done, I will return to preparing the research proposal for the Garehime research.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tech Integration in Methods, 6/17/07

81 minutes of writing

I spent time reviewing and editing the Tech Integration paper for NECC. It's better than I thought it would be, but still needs work. I've edited half-way through the results section and will continue there tomorrow. I then will need to add the edits (currently on a hard copy) to the original file. I need to finish this so I can get to the Garehime paper before seeing Francie for the Garehime research on Wednesday.

I feel like I'm working so slowly on everything. Being at home is wonderful because when the boys or Mike ask me to do something (e.g., Mommy will you play a game with me), I can. But, it's also hard to find focused time to work.

At least I'm making daily progress...