Friday, February 2, 2007

What Works, 2/01/07

45 minutes of writing, editing, and researching

Today is the day the What Works paper was due to the editor. Second co-author Jonathon responded to some of concerns regarding the paper that enabled me to make additional changes to the paper. Per the reviewers comments, we are still in need of three screenshots. Two are needed from CATE and one from CAST. Jonathon is awaiting arrival of the CAST screenshot and I've requested the CATE screenshots from him. I also sent Jonathon the copyright permission so he can forward it onto CAST.

I sent the edited copy of the manuscript back to the editor, Cathy, and let her know we're still awaiting three screenshots. I also asked her if she would prefer I place the screenshots into the version I have when I receive them or if I should send them directly to her. The location of these screenshots is clearly marked in the edited version I emailed her today.

The only concern (other than receiving these screenshots in a timely manner to meet the editors' deadline) is the section with bulleted comments. The reviewers requested screenshots of this section. I argued that they would not be helpful, but said we would write text for that section if the editors would like us to do so. I hope they don't. I ready to be done with this chapter!

Most of my time today was spent reviewing the manuscript and sending emails to Jonathon and Cathy.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

NCSS Proposal, 1/31/07

81 minutes of writing

I continued work on the NCSS proposal and was able to send it out. Included in the proposal is a presentation outline that should assist greatly when planning the actual presentation (if it is accepted).

I submitted the proposal as a sole author per Eric's suggestion. I still hope to receive his "official" approval so I feel comfortable presenting the material alone. In the proposal, I included a notation that this presentation is based on an article and stated that I would recognize the co-author during the presentation. To allow for adequate blind review of the proposal, I did not include Eric's name in that statement.

I am very eager to get back to the SS and Tech article, but the What Works Chapter is due tomorrow. Also, I need to begin my NECC research proposal and the chapter for the social studies methods book. I'm quite disappointed that I didn't have any new writing to share with my writing circle last week and it appears I won't have anything to share this week (since I've already sent the proposal). I'm torn between starting the NECC research plan, continuing on SS and Tech, or getting out a first draft of the methods chapter. What shall I do?

NCSS Proposal, 1/30/07

63 minutes of writing

I worked on an NCSS proposal based on the article Eric and I are writing on SS and Tech. I emailed Eric to see if he is available to be a co-author on the proposal and he said he would prefer not to be on the program as a presenter. I've emailed him to confirm that I have his permission to present our jointly conceived content as a sole presenter.

I played with the possibility of using just the "Starting Out Small" section, but decided instead to do a broad sweep of ed tech integration possibilities for social studies productivity and instruction.