Wednesday, January 31, 2007

NCSS Proposal, 1/31/07

81 minutes of writing

I continued work on the NCSS proposal and was able to send it out. Included in the proposal is a presentation outline that should assist greatly when planning the actual presentation (if it is accepted).

I submitted the proposal as a sole author per Eric's suggestion. I still hope to receive his "official" approval so I feel comfortable presenting the material alone. In the proposal, I included a notation that this presentation is based on an article and stated that I would recognize the co-author during the presentation. To allow for adequate blind review of the proposal, I did not include Eric's name in that statement.

I am very eager to get back to the SS and Tech article, but the What Works Chapter is due tomorrow. Also, I need to begin my NECC research proposal and the chapter for the social studies methods book. I'm quite disappointed that I didn't have any new writing to share with my writing circle last week and it appears I won't have anything to share this week (since I've already sent the proposal). I'm torn between starting the NECC research plan, continuing on SS and Tech, or getting out a first draft of the methods chapter. What shall I do?

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