Sunday, January 14, 2007

What Works, 1/14/07

51 minutes of research, not writing

Again, I did not make any progress on my writing. This was because I still lck the reviewed manuscript (the one sent by the editor included our editorial remarks). I've requested the clean e-copy so I can begin the actual writing process.

I'm continuing to work on editing the "What Works" chapter per the reviewers suggestions, albeit in writing and email format. Today, I focused on communicating with the co-authors about the reviewers suggestions. I asked them how I should respond to certain comments (e.g., finding a better LEP citation than the one's I've been able to find, and how we should deal with their requests for screen shots for sections that are more visionary than reality-based). I also request some of the co-authors begin preparing the screen shots requested by the reviewers.

I hope to have the e-copy by tomorrow so I can start to truly make the editorial changes. I want to have this chapter done within the week so I can return to the SS and Tech paper. Of course, I'm at the mercy of the editor and my co-authors to ensure this happens.

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