Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tech in SS with Eric, 1/11/07

21 minutes of writing

I didn't have much time to work this morning because of meetings, but am dedicated to making sure I work daily so took a few minutes first thing in the morning to write.

I didn't make much progress in terms of writing because I began by reviewing the Moersch model and trying to align the model with the table items at the end of the paper. There were some clear connections. To make these connections more explicit, I may need to make some changes to the table. I see that the order of the activities does not necessarily align with the Moersch continuum in his order. It shouldn't take much work to fix.

I spent time beginning writing the Moersch section (which has been moved to the introduction). I wrote partially through a section that explains the Moersch model in terms of social studies. This is where I will begin tomorrow.

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