Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tech in SS with Eric, 1/10/07

45 minutes of writing

Today I worked again on the introductory section to better align it with the reviewers needs. I see that I need to add a section on what defines quality tech integration. I'll need to return to the literature for this piece.

I tried deleting the Moersch section altogether, but later realized this was what a reviewer saw as a potential strength of the paper.

I deleted the ending section and plan to use this in another paper (with Eric's permission). I will replace that section with a more traditional conclusion. If Eric has time, perhaps he could work on this section.

Tomorrow I want to work on the "What defines quality integration" section and try to align the three sections (Starting Out Easy, Taking It to the Next Step, and Beginning to Excel) with the Moersch framework.

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