Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tech Integration in Methods, 1/30/08

75 minutes of writing

I had not planned on revisiting the Tech Integration in Methods paper until after I heard about its disposition in the review process. Then, I communicated with Brendan Calandra of the AERA SIG-IT Young Researcher Award and learned that this paper may qualify for inclusion in the applicant pool. Because I do not have an AERA paper scheduled for delivery this year (this is the first time since 2004), I thought it might be worthwhile to apply. Also, this is the last year I qualify to apply for the award since I received my doctorate in 2003 (to be eligible, you must have completed your doctorate within the past five years).

So, I spent the evening scripting/editing a cover letter for the award and then spent my writing time editing the paper. Regardless of whether the paper is accepted for the journal (it's under review), I've cleaned it a bit and now know where I am able to cut if the editors require I lose words in the manuscript (it's currently over by 1,000 words).

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