Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Advocating for Tech Integration, 1/29/08

57 minutes of writing

I revisited the Advocacy paper after communicating with Erin Young regarding the EDge submission. She felt that a more general approach (addressing all content areas/TPCK) would align better with the focus on the journal than the social studies approach. So, I’ve decided to expand the article to be more inclusive of all subject areas. Most of the paper is written if it were to be for just social studies and I now have a lot of room for adding in (and having fun with) the other subject areas. The new approach will take significantly more time to write, but I think the final product and the venue for sharing it will make more of an impact that the more specialized article. Also, the process of writing the article will require me to delve deeply into TPCK so I will be very well-versed on that literature (a great thing since it’s such a hot topic).

So, I spent time writing. I edited the social studies version of the paper and kept a copy in case I want to later submit something just for social studies. I then worked on my “abstract.” The abstract is currently more in the form of a proposal, certainly lacking all components of the paper. It still needs a lot of work, but I think I have a great start. I also plan to write a paper outline and provide a sample from the proposed manuscript that is due on 2/1/08. I’ve requested from Erin whether these are items they would like to see in the article, or whether they would prefer a different format. As soon as I hear from her, I’ll start on the outline. Before tomorrow morning, I would like to further refine the abstract and identify a suitable “sample” to include in the proposal. I will then use that scaled-down proposal to share in my writing circle tomorrow.

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