Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SS and Tech, 1/15/08

24 minutes of writing

I received recommended editorial changes from Mark Hofer relating to the SS and Tech paper and began making the changes. I've completed all the easily corrected recommendations (e.g., reformatting) and changed the paper from blind to including the author names. There are still many changes to make, but the remaining ones require more intellectual thought than I had available to expend tonight.

The editors did not request a substantial amount of work on the paper so I hope I can finish all the edits within the next few days. I am, however, doing this at the cost of doing work on the research for the SITE Lit Review.

Regarding the SITE Lit Review, Amy and Scott approved the changes I recommended yesterday. I need to take the next step and assign duties so we can get started with data collection ASAP. It would be nice if we could start analysis over the weekend so we would have a few days to prepare a first draft. We're really curring this one close! The team does see that this will be a smaller selection of literature to review, but we all agree we would like to expand the review to include databases (at least) for a more thorough review in a later paper).

I am currently on my second day in the Academic Ladder Writing Club and wanted to be sure to write at least 15 minutes today so I could say I had written. I realize that I need to save projects like this for days like today when I need less mental engagement.

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