Thursday, April 12, 2007

SS and Tech, 04/12/07

24 mintues of writing

I received an email from Eric stating he approves of my sending the manuscript for review to Social Education. Because I've not heard back from the editors regarding whether they will accept e-submissions, I prepared a printable cover letter and their requested title page for the hard copy submission. I cannot print and send the copies until I return to UNLV on Monday (I'm still at AERA in Chicago); perhaps I'll hear from them about the possibility of e-submissions before then. The manuscript is completely ready to go for Monday's printing.

I also spoke today with Mark about the SpEd Law paper. He said he may or may not be interested in taking first authorship of the paper, but he is certainly open to me being sole author. He is busy next week, but agreed to meet with me the following week to discuss directions for the paper. I emailed him tonight to set up an appointment for a week from Monday.

AERA has certainly been productive. In the few hours I was able to focus on writing this week, I've made great progress. I have one paper ready to get back under review starting Monday. I have one paper being considered by a possible co-author (Jacqui will get back to me in two weeks about whether she wants to work on the literature review for the assessment paper), I have two papers under review by a co-author (I am very eager to hear how Lynne wishes to proceed with the Instrument and Comparison papers), I have plans to possibly get help with the SpEd Law paper, and I've made substantial writing progress on a new paper. Now, I'm going to write and email to check on the WebQuest Methods paper.

My new goals are to:
  1. Get the SS and Tech paper under review ASAP.
  2. Continue writing the Tech in SSM paper, hoping to finish a first draft within the next week.
  3. Wait one week to see if Lynne wishes to continue on the papers and email her again if I haven't heard by then.
  4. Plan to meet with Mark in 1.5 weeks.
  5. Plan to hear from Jacqui in 2 weeks.
  6. Begin collecting information for the action research (NECC SSM paper).
  7. Outline the 21st Century SS paper while it's still fresh in my mind.

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