Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Assessment Paper, Comparison Paper, and Instrument Paper, 04/12/07

84 minutes of writing

I realized I have a lot of good work that needs revising and that I need help with these revisions.

Assessment Paper
This paper has a lot of potential and really just needs a good literature review and a few minor changes in the methodology to make it publishable. The problem is that I do not have the time to do the literature review. I would rather focus my time on preparing the literature review of the learning styles paper. In commisurating about my problems to my AERA roommate, Jacqui Garcia, she stated that she might be willing to write a literature review in exchange for authorship. Because the data is getting old and the literature already in the paper is quickly aging, I believe it would be better to give up sole authorship than keep it on my desktop forever. Also, should the paper get published (and I know there is interest in the paper from QJDE), I would be helping a doc student get published. I know how much each publication helps when seeking a job so I think this would be a win-win situation.

I sent the paper and reviewer comments to Jacqui. She will review the paper and let me know if she would like to work taking on second authorship.

Instrument Paper
This paper was rejected by AJDE several years ago because it doesn't add much to the field of online education. What's important is the resulting instrument, and I don't know how to publish the instrument itself. I think a distance education journal that has an interest in psychometrics would be a much better fit, but I don't know of any. If I don't find a pschymetrics journal, I will need to come up with a better way to answer the "So What?" question. While the information, I think, is very interesting, I don't think it has much appeal to a broader audience unless they are a.) interested in developing instruments, or b.) the paper focuses more on the elements identified (which would significantly lengthen the paper). I am attaching the paper and the two reviewers' comments.

The good news is that Lynne is a co-author on this paper (since it's directly from my dissertation and the outcome of an AERA presentation immediately following my defense). So, I sent Lynne the article and reviewers' comments and asked if she would like to continue working on the article.

If Lynne wishes to continue working on the article, I know there will be tons more work to complete, but the end result will be wonderful. If she chooses to give up second authorship (I'm not sure she's even read the article before now so I don't see that this would be a disrespectful gesture), I will need to identify a journal on my own and start revisions myself.

Comparison Paper
This paper is in the same boat as the Instrument Paper. Lynne is co-author and it's been rejected by JRTE with helpful feedback. Their suggestions require major changes and state that in its current form the manuscript may be better suited to a journal like JALN or QJDE.

If Lynne chooses not to continue with this article, I can make the chnges myself and I believe I should be able to find a suitable journal to which I could submit the new version. I think the paper is quite good and worthy of publication.

SpEd Law
I asked Mark if he could take first authorship of the SpEd Law paper. It simply needs framing. He said (by audioconference last week) that he didn't have time. He and I need to find a time to get this paper done. It doesn't require much time. If he cannot find time to work on it in the next month, I will ask if he minds that I take sole authorship (it's text I wrote for the AJDE SpEd Elements Paper and I'm fairly certain he didn't make changes to my original draft). I worry that the laws and guidelines will be updated before the manuscript gets into print (since the field and special education move so quickly).

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