Saturday, February 24, 2007

What Works, 2/24/07

81 minutes of writing

I finished it! I finished the writing and editing of the "What Works" chapter. The only section about which I had serious concern was a paragraph I added today. Lynne was online and I was able to get her approval on the paragraph.

In addition to the final draft, I prepared a second document for the editors (and co-authors) identifying the changes (and justifications for lack of changes) between the reviewers' comments and the final draft. I sent both the final and edited versions to the editors and co-authors. It's now out of my hands and I hope the editors are pleased enough to truly make this the final draft.

I also spent a few minutes looking at the TAH grant. After speaking with Stephanie Hirsch last night, I learned that I need only elaborate of three of the modules in the grant. Though they plan to use all the modules, only three will appear in the grant application. I've promised Stephanie I'll have my modules to her by tomorrow night.

It's been very rewarding to get out this chapter and the WebQuest chapter over the last week. Once I finish the TAH grant, I'll be able to spend the rest of the week focusing on the CUE Conference (21st century social studies).

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