Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Methods of SSM: WebQuest Lesson, 02/20/07

75 minutes of writing

I made final edits to the WebQuest Lesson Chapter and mailed it off to the text editor. I sure hope it is accepted!

I also communicated with the Teaching American History Grant writer, Tamra, who recommended I communicate with Drs. Green and Beachly regarding the content changes I made to the grant. I will do that this evening. When I complete adding my sections to the grant proposal, I will then share the remainder of my edits with them.

Tomorrow I need to work on grading (I need to return students' units plans ASAP) and then focus on the grant. As soon as the grant is done, I can switch my focus to the 21st century skills paper/presentation for CUE. CUE is only a week away.

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