Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Assessment Paper, 2/3/10

110 minutes of writing

Thanks to Char, I'm trying to get back on the "writing horse." Steve has also worked hard to motivate me to finish the literature review for the assessment paper so we can get it back under review.

In reviewing the literature review, I saw that there was no discussion of the exciting work being done at Harvard with emerging technologies. I also couldn't avoid adding in some mention of the Gee and Squires work on digital gaming in educational environments.

I have not re-worked the entire section, but did add a significant portion to the end of the literature review. I think this makes the paper much stronger.

Next, I need to review the entire paper (it might need some updating in regard to citations), and, again, get it ready and send it out for review.

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Char said...

Great day of writing Christy! You are helping me, too!