Tuesday, December 9, 2008

IRB Proposals

0 minutes of writing

I have been remiss at writing for publication lately, but have been working on research-related activities. I prepared an IRB protocol form for the service learning study that Steve will submit tomorrow. I will need to create the third and fourth action research reports (which I will need to do for class before the Civil Rights/Service Learning module begins anyway). Hopefully, by the time those reports are complete and the IRB approves the protocol, I will be ready to work on data analysis and full data reporting.

I've also been working with Vicki and Steve on the first-year teacher study. Vicki and I refined the project outline and I prepared the research protocol and all related documents. Vicki prepared a grant application that would support the study, and Steve will submit the protocol to UNLV's IRB tomorrow along with the service learning protocol.

I've been in contact with OPRS personnel to inquire about whether the digital storytelling study will fall under the exempt category and whether there is a need for consent forms for the study. I hope to hear from them today so I may prepare that research protocol later today for Steve to also submit tomorrow.

The assessment paper was rejected by JRTE so I am thinking about another journal for submission. I have not yet made the reviewers recommended changes and need to address these post haste.

Vicki and I are discussing the possibility of becoming accountability partners for our writing projects. I am in desperate need of help in this area. I would like to join Academic Ladder again, but the cost is prohibitive.

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