Thursday, October 23, 2008

Assessment Paper, 10/23/08

28 minutes of writing

I completed all the editorial changes on the Assessment paper except for those awaiting Steve's input. I will need to remove the author's names and prepare separate JPG files of the graphics after receiving Steve's items. Then... it's off! :-)

Steve and I spoke yesterday about the SpEd Law paper. I suggested we bring in a third person who knows SpEd (including special education law) really well. He said he would give it some thought.

Once this is out, I will have to decide where to focus my efforts. Given that Francie Summers my have some time now that she's recently retired, I think I should complete the data cleaning from the micro-communities study and get out a Kappan article for review. The other piece needing attention quite quickly is IRB protocols on digital storytelling, service learning, and first year teachers. Unfortunately, the protocols and data cleaning won't count as writing.

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