Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SS and Tech, 09/11/07

156 minutes of writing

It's time to get writing again! My goal is to publish, publish, publish this year since I am not teaching full-time.

Today I edited the PowerPoint to Podcasts article so it could be submitted to CITE. It is ready to be uploaded to the submission system, but there were errors in the uploading process. I've contacted the system administrator for help with the problem.

I am concerned about submitting to CITE because it cautions that the review process can take 5 months. This is such a long time in the tech world and I'm not sure the editors will see the journal as a suitable forum for the article. I think a practitioner-based journal might be better, but I like the audience of CITE and feel the article will be read more if published there (anyone can access back articles). In an email from Cheryl Mason Bolick in response to a request for a recommended list of journals to which I should submit this article, she suggested CITE, The Social Studies, and JCTE. I do not believe it is research-based enough to be published in JCTE and I have other articles I think would be better suited to that journal. The Social Studies would be a good choice, but the articles in this journal are not publicly available and the journal is quite young. One benefit is that it comes in print and electronic formats, but I don't think that would help readership.

My first goal is to now get the article under review (and let Eric know it's back under review). I've also sent an email about the WebQuest Chapter and hope that is still planned for printing.

My next goal is to determine where I am in my writing and plan a schedule for getting more manuscripts under review.

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