Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What Works, 2/07/07

27 minutes of writing

I received the CBSS and CAST screenshots from Jonathon yesterday, but didn't have time to integrate them into the What Works paper until today. I added them into the paper and sent the paper to Jonathon for final review.

I also spent time with Leora Baron today at the TLC discussing issues related to teaching and research. She assisted me in conceptualizing the NECC paper that will focus on research related to my social studies methods course. She recommended I quickly begin the human subjects course and IRB process so I can collect survey data at least twice this semester. It is critical that I begin developing my research agenda, get IRB approval, and conceptualize all pieces of the research process ASAP for this study. Otherwise, my paper will simply be descriptive.

I also would like to talk with Neal to see if he will help me with the conceptualization process.

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